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I am a child born to Hindu Father and Christian Mother.

Unfortunately, I never heard the word 'Jesus' from anyone--even from my mother's relatives.

But somehow the word 'Jesus' was ringing within my heart. I loved Him, feared Him and I knew that He knew everything. I never knew who He was, His history, His parents or anything about Him. It was a mystery how I knew Him. Moreover, I never had any question to ask anyone about Him. It was just a blind belief.

Everybody used to ask me of how I got saved? I could only blink my eyes. If I say, 'nobody told about Him from my childhood… I uttered His name in my heart…', no one would believe me. This led me to confusion. Lot of questions started running in my mind....

My question was, "How I knew Him as my daddy from my childhood? I never ever remember anyone telling about Him.. How come I knew Him?” But, last year, God answered my question.

One day He told me to turn the pages of the Bible to Isaiah 45:4 (last part) It says,

“I have even called thee by thy name: I have surnamed thee, though thou hast not known me.”

Yessss. I got answer.............

God told me to tell this to all those who question me. I asked Him “What can I do daddy if people did not accept me still?” He replied, “Don’t worry about it. They will come to know one fine day.....”

You know how happy I was.....

Jesus is THE LORD .....


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